How To Recover Hacked Youtube Channel (3 Method)

Hello friends, in today post we will tell you that if your YouTube channel has been hacked then how can you bring it back. How To Recover Hacked Youtube Channel. Many YouTube channels are being hacked in 2024.

If your YouTube Account or YouTube Channel has been hacked and you want to recover your hacked YouTube Channel, then you have come to the right place. Because in this post I am going to tell you about “How To Recover Hacked Youtube Channel“. You must read this post till the end:

How To Recover Hacked Youtube Channel

I am telling you below the method how to bring back the deleted/hacked channel. With these methods I have brought back my hacked YouTube channel.


How To Recover Hacked Youtube Channel

There are many ways to recover hacked YouTube channel:

First Method:

If your YouTube channel has been hacked, then first of all fill the form given below.

Form link –

In this form, you have to fill all the information and submit. When you enter all your details and submit, you will receive an email within 24 hours and then you can talk to the YouTube team and your YouTube channel will come back.

Second Method:

You can also send a direct email to the YouTube team on this email ([email protected]). And you can tell about your hacked YouTube channel and you can get it back by recovering the YouTube channel.

Third Method

You can also tweet YouTube India (@youtubeindia @ytcreatorsindia) on Twitter. You can tell them that your YouTube channel has been hacked. YouTube team will help you soon and your YouTube channel will be back soon. You get help very quickly from Youtube Twitter account. That is why along with sending the email, please inform YouTube about your hacked channel by tweeting.

I guarantee that if you adopt these three methods, you will definitely get your hacked channel back. And if for any reason your YouTube Channel has been deleted. Still, you can get your channel back by using the methods mentioned above.

How to protect YouTube channel from being hacked

Friends, there are many ways to protect your YouTube channel from getting hacked. If you follow these steps then your YouTube channel will never get hacked.

  1. You enable 2 step verification on your email.
  2. Whatever comment comes below your YouTube video, if you find any kind of URL in the comment, then never click on it.
  3. Whenever you receive an email from an unknown email ID and in it you are given some kind of link or a link to download software, then never click on the link.
  4. Do not share your email ID and password with anyone.

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